How To Build a Better Business Web Site

How To Build a Better Business Web Site

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Why You Need To Think Differently About Your Web Site

Do you really have a successful web site? Is it helping you achieve your business goals?

Most web sites aren’t. Unfortunately most business web sites still act more like “brochures” than sources of new customers. They might look okay, but typically they aren’t engaging, relevant, or effective… and more importantly, they aren’t generating new sales.

Most organizations and business professionals would love to have a stronger web presence, but they aren’t sure how to accomplish it. Many get sold on pretty photos, fancy animations or the latest gimmick. In fact, it takes a lot of different elements working together to produce a web site that’s good for your business.

Here are proven tactics that we’ve used over and over to deliver extraordinary results when all the elements are in place.

These proven tactics will create new and better sales opportunities, with increased lifetime value from each client.

If you’d like to increase the performance from your business web site, check out the list below. You will find straightforward ideas that can dramatically change the way you think about your online presence and the returns you’ll receive.

Ten Tips to Create a Business Web Site That Generates Sales:
1. Know who your customers are. Identify their personas and develop your content for them as individuals.
2. Include content with substance. Content that is relevant and indexable by the search engines.
3. Develop a content strategy and plan that solves customer problems. It should be educational, informative, and actionable.
4. Include targeted relevant offers with strong call-to-actions to illicit a response.
5. Partner with the key stakeholders (internal and external) and an agency to establish goals, implement tactics, measure and analyze results, and refine your web site.
6. Add a blog. Share knowledge and make sure your content attracts visitors. Don’t turn off your audience with strictly promotional content.
7. Optimize your site for the search engines. You want to be found easily by prospects.
8. Use social media channels to connect and share with prospects.
9. Continually update your web site. You cannot set it and forget it. Building your online presence takes time and effort. Producing fresh compelling content is an ongoing process.
10. Monitor, measure, and analyze your statistics. Go beyond your visitor count and learn what leads were generated and how, what offers converted to sales, the most visited pages, what devices and operating systems were used, and analyze your competition. It’s critical you stay informed and actively manage and refine your web site with that knowledge.

These strategies will ensure your business web site is profitable. Remember a successful web site is a living breathing entity and needs fresh compelling content on a regular basis.

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How To Build a Better Business Web Site

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