Client AI Use Cases

Embrace AI to Unleash Creativity and Amplify ROI

When incorporating AI, you can focus on more high-value tasks — ideation, creating new products, enhancing marketing programs, strengthening customer relationships, and business expansion. Available 24/7, AI will be your indispensable, unsalaried workforce. Below are examples of how BersonDeanStevens (BDS) has helped our clients infuse AI into their workflows and we can adapt all of these (and more!) to your specific needs as well.

Podcast Production

Created a series of six podcasts explaining business lending. Included initial strategy and planning, content development, audio enhancements, and editing.
Client: Nationwide Non-Traditional Business Lender

Before AI: 4 days
With AI: 6 hours, 21 minutes

Content Repurposing for Multi-Channel Marketing

Converted a promotional video into a blog post, infographic, and social media posts. Included identifying the key messages, highlighting visual elements, identifying multimedia clips, and crafting the targeted content for each format.
Client: National Additive Manufacturer

Before AI: 3 days
With AI: 2 hours, 14 minutes

Video Tutorial Creation

Crafted a video guide for navigating an online forms library. Included pre-production, scriptwriting, screen captures, voice-overs, music, and editing.
Client: General Agency for Group Health Insurance Brokers

Before AI: 2 weeks
With AI: 7 hours, 30 minutes

New Business Presentation

Designed a pitch deck from a sales meeting transcript. Included summarizing, researching and data enrichment, brainstorming ideas, and generating and formatting flow charts, graphs, text, and images.
Client: Catalyst Technology Company

Before AI: 4 days
With AI: 3 hours, 20 minutes

Document Analysis

Simplified the comparison of quarterly carrier health insurance plans to pinpoint new plan designs and changes.
Client: Health Insurance Company

Before AI: 3 days
With AI: 12 minutes

Blog Posts From Audio/Video Recordings

Transformed insights from customer service meetings into engaging blog posts by transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing discussions.
Client: Investment Advisor

Before AI: 2 weeks
With AI: 5 hours

Email Marketing Campaign from Sales Conversations

Transcribed, analyzed, and filtered for sentiment, intent, and key topics to generate text and images for email messaging.
Client: Multi-State Financial Institution

Before AI: 4 days
With AI: 5 hours, 48 minutes

Repurpose Newsletter Content into Social Media

Crafted 12 engaging social media posts integrating compelling text with custom graphics.
Client: Healthcare Company

Before AI: 2 days
With AI: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Process Optimization

Enhanced insurance quote and renewal workflows by automating data extraction and Salesforce updates. Included automating plan comparisons, extracting key data from carrier renewal documents for multiple lines of coverage, and updating records.
Client: General Agency for Group Health Insurance Brokers

Before AI: 1-1/2 weeks
With AI: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Data Analysis

Used sales and customer service data from Salesforce to generate insightful reports and uncover workflow bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.
Client: Risk Management Company

Before AI: 2 weeks
With AI: 50 minutes

In all cases, incorporating AI saved significant amounts of time, staff, resources, and money. If you’re spending time and resources that are increasingly more difficult to come by, you need to be looking at AI not only for support but to expand your perceived value. Whether looking to get started using AI, or want to become more proficient at using it, BersonDeanStevens can help. To learn more, download our AI tip sheets and schedule a call now!