We are honored to receive recommendations from our clients. Here are just a few:

“Lori is a business expert and a creative genius. She “gets” marketing both in the abstract sense and at a “nuts and bolts,” execution level. I always want her on my team.”

D. Levinson

Principal, Strategy That Rocks, LLC, and Faculty UC Berkeley, UCLA and USC

BDS always approaches their work with passion and a commitment to clients’ success. The team provides the right mix of communication expertise and marketing innovation; a great balance that’s hard to find. BDS knows the markets, the media, the technology, and the trends. And through a collaborative effort and insight, going the extra mile is just second nature to them.

M. Goldfarb

Employment Attorney and President, Guardian HR

“I consider BDS a true partner. They go way beyond being just a vendor. While involved with projects at LISI, Inc., they have been an integral part of our marketing team. The BDS team brings a level of intelligence and strategic thinking as well as creativity that is increasingly rare. Always providing us with excellent service and innovative concepts, they make everything so simple and easy. What’s more, BDS brings to the table objective, insightful, and valuable advice. They guide us through challenges and opportunities and continually exceed our expectations. BDS is a joy to work with and always brings tremendous value.

K. Doyle

Former Executive Director of Sales, Amwins Connect

“BersonDeanStevens was first recommended to me when working for clients involved in professional sports marketing endeavors. I was overwhelmed with the firm’s principal Lori Berson because of her ability to instantly grasp the unique marketing issues we had. Her professional manner and advice revealed the deep knowledge she has for organizations trying to grow. She knows how to design a branding program and exploit creativity – perfectly translating an organization’s sales message. Ahead of technology trends, BDS helps companies successfully grow sales.

Take a look at the outstanding work BDS has created. It is easy to see the difference when working with a creative team that understands business management, marketing trends, and sales. Whether it is a blog or website, email marketing, social media, or good old fashion direct mail, BDS will innovate ideas and develop practical applications that succeed. If you want to know what the next new thing to hit marketing will be, ask BDS.”

J. Berger

Owner, Innovative Marketing

The BDS team has the great ability to understand the big picture and integrate strategic concepts with the execution of a highly-creative end product – whether that be a website, brochure or marketing campaign. Their level of professionalism and integrity is unmatched, and their hands-on approach ensures that their work is of the highest quality. I definitely recommend BDS and look forward to working with them again and again.

M. Gerdts

President and CEO, Rapid-Product Solutions

Our company has hired BDS on numerous occasions for the simple reason that they know their stuff. They took the time to know our clients and their needs before making any recommendations. Open and easy communication during all phases made the process extremely efficient saving us time and money. BDS’s knowledge of emerging technologies, expert guidance, and highly skilled professionals provided outstanding results. BDS helped us update our web site, more effectively utilize social media, and create comprehensive and flexible collateral materials to generate more leads. I highly recommend hiring BersonDeanStevens, Inc. when you need to build your business. Everything is delivered on time and on budget making the process enjoyable.

S. Hai-Ami

President SpacePlus, The Sliding Door Company

Lori Berson is a consummate professional. I became acquainted with Lori when she was hired as a marketing/creative consultant at Nostalgia Products Group. She was also an integral part in the creation of an online marketing asset management system for our sales and creative departments. During that time, I found Lori to be both insightful and knowledgeable about the design and production process at a level beyond what was required. Additionally, she came prepared with thorough research and multiple solutions that revealed a breadth of understanding about technology, marketing, and sales. She was a great extension of our team and a pleasure to work with. Her personable and pleasant demeanor is also refreshing. I highly recommend Lori Berson for senior level expertise for your organization’s branding and marketing initiatives.

J. Jones

Public Relations, Nostalgia Products

I’ve had the good fortune to work with BersonDeanStevens on numerous occasions. As a result, our clients have benefited from their great instincts and talents in developing and executing creative that goes straight to the bottom line. Tireless in their pursuit of seeking the best solution for their clients’ needs, their true value can be seen in the measurable results produced on a regular basis. As an expert in branding and creative services, BDS has been an invaluable resource that I’ve come to rely on time and time again.

B. Beck

Principal, DB&R Public Relations

Referred to me by Los Angeles Magazine, BersonDeanStevens helped us develop our advertising and marketing communications. Simply put, BDS is excellent! Their creativity, marketing strategy, technical expertise, and hard work is a rare combination. Their team listens, asks questions, and delivers – always exceeding our expectations, their work has been an integral part of our success. We can assure anyone who hires BersonDeanStevens, that they will be as thrilled as we have been over the many years of working with this extremely talented team.

B. Everts

Principal, Designer Previews

“BDS is a client’s dream. They find many fresh solutions to each challenge and maintain a strategic focus that keeps the project right on track. Collaboration is effortless. Lori has a wonderful personality and sense of humor to match her considerable creative talents. With BDS, you know the job will be handled promptly, professionally, and with tireless inspiration. The only thing missing is an ego that’s too big for the room”

M. McMillan


“Great results, high integrity, and very creative – that’s BDS. They showed us how to generate a greater response and better return on our marketing budget. BersonDeanStevens immediately increased our sales and customer base. Thank you BDS!”

L. Hindes

Principal, Infinity Face and Body Care

I always look forward to shooting with BDS! The days are a blast! Fun, easy, and highly productive! The BDS team instills confidence with the fact that they are always prepared, know what they need to provide their clients, and have a clear and focused concept of what’s to be produced.  One of those great mixes of creativity and business savvy, BDS’s diverse marketing skills are invaluable to their broad mix of clientele. While we have worked on a wide and varied array of projects together, they always bring strong and consistent expertise to each showing their commitment to each individual client. Thanks for the good times BDS! I look forward to the next one!”

D. Hursey

Owner, Dana Hursey Photography

“My experience with BersonDeanStevens, Inc. really taught me the power of branding to generate sales and grow a company. I have been continuously impressed with their knowledge, passion for their clients, and commitment to these companies’ success. They know the markets, the media, the technology and the trends. As entrepreneurs themselves, they understand start-ups and entrepreneurial firms. The team is responsive and creative. Best of all, they make my life easy.”

D. Miller

NBC Universal

“As technology keeps changing, I find that keeping up with the Joneses is much easier when you have an instructor like Lori to enlighten you with everything worth knowing in social media marketing. She gives you the relevant stuff that you don’t get in traditional communication/marketing courses. Looking forward to her next workshop.”

Y Najera

California Army National Guard

Lori is an excellent instructor. I took her class Social Media Design & Marketing through Art Center College of Design. She provided us interesting projects to complete during class that illustrated and reinforced the valuable marketing and design theories she presented. She also shared great resources with that class that I find useful everyday.

C. Palomera Schartz

Acme Media Werks

Thank YOU for the fantastic video marketing workshop! I highly recommend working with Lori if you really want to max your brand!

R. Rendon


“Lori and her team were great. We love our new web site, podcast episodes, and marketing campaigns – and BDS came in on time and budget! I would highly recommend them for your marketing needs.”

M. Hafner

President and CEO, Celtic Capital Corporation

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