What Marketers Need to Know About Google’s New Mobile Algorithm

Today Google rolled out its new algorithm for mobile friendly web sites and it will reward sites that provide a good mobile experience for users. This new algorithm demonstrates just how important it is for brands to have a mobile-friendly web site, which hopefully most marketers already know. In the last couple of years mobile usage … Continue reading »

Why Responsive Web Site Design is a Must-Have [infographic]

As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets become the primary ways to access the Internet, it’s clear that one size—or web site—no longer fits all. The ever-increasing number of platforms and screen sizes means that not all websites will render optimally on every device – unless your site has a responsive design. Learn why it’s … Continue reading »

14 Brands That Increased Revenue with Responsive Web Site Design

Missing revenue opportunities? Can you afford not to redesign your web site to be mobile friendly?  If you need some examples of the positive impact of mobile friendly web sites then here are a bunch of companies that have benefited from significant uplift in the key metrics following the implementation of responsive design. Lovehoney [+60% … Continue reading »