Marketing Automation Features and Benefits

Marketing automation empowers marketers to focus on the strategic initiatives rather than get bogged down with the tactical implementation, and it aligns sales and marketing towards accomplishing common goals. This all adds up to decreased costs and increased revenue. FEATURES Campaign and Email Management Create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns. Manage end-to-end email campaigns, … Continue reading »

5 Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Here are five marketing strategies you can use to improve your marketing efforts across multiple channels, messaging, and execution. 1. Determine whom you want to reach. Before creating any messaging, channel development, etc., you need to determine which audience segment you want to target. It’s best to create marketing personas to define these different groups … Continue reading »

What Marketers Look for When Considering Marketing Automation [Study]

According to an Ascend2 survey, marketing influencers say that they primarily use a marketing automation integration strategy in order to achieve objectives such as improved campaign effectiveness (57%) and alignment between sales and marketing (53%). And on the whole this strategy is paying off, as 95% of respondents say their marketing automation integration strategy is … Continue reading »