Marketing Automation Implementation Guide — Tips, Tricks, Worksheets, etc. (Part 3 of 5)

Marketing Automation Implementation Guide — Tips, Tricks, Worksheets, etc. (Part 3 of 5)

Marketing automation success requires more than just software. It takes strategy, creative, and the right team. Whether you are new to marketing automation or have a platform in place, here are sample questions and a worksheet for organizations that have marketing bottlenecks.

Customer Journey Questionnaire

  1. Who is your ideal customer? (Demographics, firmographics, psychographics, etc.) And what are they looking for?
  2. How would your products/services solve their problems?
  3. How did they come to your company? How do they interact with your company?
  4. Identify the most common objections your persona(s) will raise during the sales process.
  5. What education needs to take place to get someone from awareness to acquisition? From acquisition to advocacy?
  6. What kind of information does your ideal customer need after purchase? What communication do you have with them after they buy?
  7. What marketing campaigns, workflows, offers, resources, funnels do you currently have in place?

Customer Journey Worksheet

Marketing Automation is the engine of your lead generation strategy, and great content is the fuel. The best way to create great content is by knowing your prospects and customers, and mapping your content to their journeys.

Each stage of the customer journey represents a prospect’s state of mind. The Customer Journey Worksheet will walk you through the stages of the Customer Journey allowing you to see things through the eyes of the customer. To win business, make sure your content addresses the customers’ needs and mindset.

Aligning customer marketing and Marketing Automation strategies can be challenging and time consuming. The right Marketing Automation platform and experienced external resource will streamline and simplify the process, ensuring that your Marketing Automation strategy is on-point, on-budget, implemented properly and optimized for success. Check back for Parts 4 and 5.

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