Marketing automation success requires more than just software. It takes strategy, creative, and the right team. Whether you are new to marketing automation or have a platform in place, here are sample questions and a worksheet for organizations that have marketing bottlenecks.

Marketing Bottlenecks Questionnaire

  1. What areas of your marketing funnel are consistently lacking volume, quality, and/or attribution?
  2. What other software do you use for marketing activities (CRM, HootSuite, etc.). How are the activities tracked?
  3. What marketing tasks are the most time consuming for you?
  4. What marketing processes do you want to improve?
  5. What defines marketing success in your company?

Marketing Bottlenecks Worksheet

Let’s review your current marketing processes — what’s generating traffic, leads, and conversions — and see where the bottlenecks lie.

Aligning customer marketing and Marketing Automation strategies can be challenging and time consuming. The right Marketing Automation platform and experienced external resource will streamline and simplify the process, ensuring that your Marketing Automation strategy is on-point, on-budget, implemented properly and optimized for success. Check back for Parts 2 through 5.

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