According to the study by Integrate Pipeline360 and Demand Metric, B2B marketers are increasingly relying on paid social media and email marketing to generate leads, reflecting a strategic shift towards digital channels that offer measurable results and targeted outreach. This focus is driven by the dual objectives of improving lead quality and increasing lead volume, challenges that are top of mind for marketers aiming to enhance their sales pipeline and drive business growth.

B2B Lead Generation

However, the quest for more leads doesn’t always end with choosing the right channels. It extends into optimizing these channels to ensure that the leads generated are not only numerous but also of high quality. This is where the complexity of digital marketing becomes evident, as marketers must navigate the nuances of content creation, audience targeting, and data analysis to achieve their lead generation goals effectively.

For companies looking to navigate the complexities of lead generation in this digital age, BersonDeanStevens, Inc. (BDS) offers expertise in crafting and executing lead generation strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of B2B marketers. With a deep understanding of digital marketing trends and the challenges faced by marketers today, BDS is positioned to help businesses enhance their lead generation efforts, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality leads. For those looking to elevate their lead generation strategies and drive meaningful business results, contact BDS for expert guidance and support.

About the Data: The results are based on a November 2023 survey of 437 marketers in the US (50% share) and UK (46%) working at companies targeting B2B (58%) or B2B and B2C (42%) channels.

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