Getting positive references from satisfied clients can go a long way in establishing credibility for your business. When you need a client to provide a testimonial, reference, or case study, follow these tips for making the process smooth and successful:

Choose the Right Client

  • Select clients you have worked with extensively and who you know are very pleased with your product or service. Avoid picking those who had any negatives in their experience with you.
  • If possible, choose recognizable companies or those in industries you’re trying to attract as they will lend the most credibility.

Make a Personalized Request

  • Contact your client and remind them of the work you did together. Make your request personal and specific to them. Do not send a generic templated email.
  • Explain why you are asking for a reference, testimonial, or case study and how will it help your business.

Provide Details Upfront

  • Let your client know exactly what you need from them, whether it’s a quote, video interview, etc.
  • Give them guidelines, sample quotes, suggested talking points, or case study formats. The clearer you are, the better.
  • Explain precisely how the reference will be used in your marketing materials, website, proposals, etc.
  • If they decline, graciously accept their refusal and part on good terms in case they reconsider in the future.

Thank All Clients Who Do Provide a Reference

  • Consider providing discounts on future work or other perks in exchange for their taking the time to provide a reference.
  • Make your clients feel appreciated by sending a gift card or featuring them prominently in your materials.

Using these tips will go a long way toward getting the client references and testimonials you need to boost your business. Just remember to make the process easy.

Testimonial Apps

Here are several apps that can help you easily collect and manage client testimonials:

  • BirdEye: manage customer feedback, including testimonials. It enables you to gather reviews from multiple platforms and display them on your website.
  • Boast: capture and showcase video testimonials from your clients. It provides tools to record, upload, and organize testimonials, making it easy to integrate them into your website or marketing materials.
  • Feefo: collect genuine, verified customer reviews and insights. It provides analytics to understand customer sentiment and integrates with e-commerce platforms.
  • GatherUp: gather feedback and testimonials through surveys and review requests. It also assists in managing and amplifying customer stories to boost your online reputation.
  • ReputationStacker: automate the process of collecting testimonials and reviews from customers. It sends out requests via SMS and email, streamlining the feedback collection process.
  • Senja: generate high-converting testimonial collection forms you can share anywhere. Invite your clients. Offer rewards. Send thank you notes.
  • Testimonial: create branded testimonial forms, gather client feedback, and showcase testimonials on your website. It offers customization options and integration with various platforms.
  • Trustpilot: collect and showcase customer reviews and testimonials. It offers widgets and integration options to embed reviews on your website and leverage social proof.
  • Vouch: collect video testimonials with a single link. Add your questions, send the request, and capture the authentic voice of your customers, all in a few clicks.
  • Yotpo: collect and display customer reviews, photos, and Q&A content, which can enhance your brand’s credibility.

Remember to consider your specific needs, such as the type of testimonials you want to collect (text, video, etc.), integration capabilities with your existing software, and the overall user experience when choosing the best testimonial software app for your business.

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