Most Valuable Marketing Automation Features [study]

Most Valuable Marketing Automation Features [study]

Marketing Automation
Lead nurturing (52%) and analytics and reporting (51%) are the most valuable features of a marketing automation system, according to survey results from Ascend2 and its Research Partners. Previous research has found those to also be the most-requested features by buyers, although lead scoring, another highly-requested feature, was cited by few respondents as valuable to them.

Marketing Automation Valuable Features
The survey indicates that the most important objectives of a marketing automation strategy are:

• to increase sales revenue (47%)
• lead generation (47%),
with productivity improvements less important than in a similar survey conducted last year. The most challenging obstacle to marketing automation success continues to be the lack of an effective strategy (45%).

About the Data: The Ascend2 study results are based on a survey of 317 marketing, sales and business professionals from around the world. Some 49% come from companies with at least 50 employees, and 76% are primarily B2B-focused.

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Most Valuable Marketing Automation Features [study]

How to Use Direct Mail to Build Your Business

Direct Mail
A simple and effective way to build your business is to use direct mail to drive prospects to your web site. Combining offline communications, such as direct mail, with your online communications provides a more powerful approach.

Google, one of the most well known and largest internet businesses, uses direct-mail to offer prospects $100 worth of free PPC advertising.

People put greater trust in information they receive by mail, and they’re more likely to read physical mail than email, which often gets deleted without being looked at.

To make the most of the powerful combination of direct mail and online marketing, you should:

Capture your prospects’ attention and interest so they stop what they are doing and visit your website. Your headline should arouse curiosity and offer a benefit. Give them a reason to go to your web site: something like a discount coupon or a free report; or a video – something that will make their life better. Motivate them to take action.

Incorporate a call-to-action. Ask them to visit your web site. Don’t provide multiple call-to-actions.  Make your web site address prominent. Make every step clear and easy to follow.

Use a simple URL. make it easy for prospects to type in the URL, since they can’t click on a link.

• Offer an incentive to opt in. One of the most critical reasons for getting your prospects to your web site is to capture their contact information. You want them to opt in. Give them a good reason to do it, like a bonus or some valuable information. Keep your opt-in page copy short and simple with clean directions on how to opt in.

• Design a compelling and simple landing page. Once prospects have opted in and have arrived at your sales page, you want them to be willing to read your letter, watch your video or do whatever it is you’ve set up for them. The page has to be attractive, interesting and easy to read, with a list of benefits that can be quickly scanned.

• Use consistent branding and messaging across all media. Don’t confuse your prospect. Present one clear message and call-to-action.

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