Content Marketing – Most Effective and Challenging

Content Marketing – Most Effective and Challenging

Content Marketing

Increasing lead generation and improving customer engagement continue to be the most important goals of a content marketing strategy. Lead generation has taken the lead this year, per the Ascend2 report. That’s in line with recent research from Regalix, in which lead generation was found to have increased in importance from last year as a content priority for B2B marketers.

Content Marketing - Most Effective and Challenging

The Ascend2 study suggests that marketers are generally satisfied with the success of their content strategies. While few (16%) feel that they’re very successful compared to their competitors, an additional 50% believe that they’re somewhat successful on a competitive basis. Almost 9 in 10 see content marketing’s effectiveness rising, including more than one-third whose effectiveness is increasing significantly.

There have been numerous studies that have measured the perceived effectiveness of various content types. This latest survey of 219 marketing influencers, the vast majority (84%) of whom are engaged in at least some B2B marketing, offers some interesting insights to add to the body of research.

This study indicates that research reports (46%) are considered an effective type of content, narrowly edging blog posts (45%). The result brings to mind findings contained in MarketingCharts’ 2015 B2B Digital Marketing Insights Report, which showed 98% of B2B buyers agreeing that they would like to see more data and research to support vendor’s content.

Videos and podcasts were next on the list of top-perceived content types, according to the Ascend2 survey. Again this is consistent with the Regalix research, which demonstrated that B2B marketers see video as becoming a more indispensable content type this year.

The Ascend2 survey also shows that videos and podcasts headed the list of most difficult content types to create, followed by research reports.

In comparing effectiveness and difficulty, blog posts are the second-most effective content type and the easiest to create. Challenges in creating high-quality content are always the issue for marketers. The survey shows that the most significant barriers to achieving important content marketing goals are the lack of content creation resources (48%) and the lack of an effective strategy (48%).

The inability to measure effectiveness (36%) is perceived to be less of a barrier, despite research finding that content marketing is among the more difficult digital channels to measure for ROI.

About the Data: The Ascend2 data is based on a survey of 219 marketing influencers around the world. Approximately 69% are B2B, while another 15% market to B2B and B2C equally. More than 6 in 10 (62%) respondents come from companies with at least 50 employees.

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