Email Subject Lines: Read Rates by Length [report]

Email subject lines is always of interest as marketers try to get through inbox clutter. A couple of recently-released studies provide some fresh data to review. (The following results will not apply to all readers, who are encouraged to test their subject lines.) A study from Return Path, based on an analysis of “9 million … Continue reading »

The Best Email Subject Lines and Emojis to Boost Open Rates [study]

Writing effective emails and subject lines can be challenging. Most companies send marketing messages several times per week so these messages need to be subtle and creative to ensure they don’t become repetitive or annoying. This requires intimate knowledge of the company’s tone of voice and the target audience, but we can try to broadly … Continue reading »

45 Words to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Subject Lines

There’s an art to writing a good email subject line and there are some things you’ll want to avoid. Consulting a number of experts and sources, in addition to some research, here is a list of words (plus the odd phrase or experimental bit of text) to avoid when composing the perfect marketing email. Your … Continue reading »

Personalized Subject Lines Key to Higher Email Open and Click Rates [study]

Does email personalization have an effect on open rates? Research released earlier this year MailerMailer suggested that personalized emails tend to see higher open and click rates, although the same study last year found the opposite result. Now, new data from MailChimp supports the case that personalization can drive higher email open rates. Measuring the … Continue reading »

Email Subject Lines, Which Terms Work and Don’t Work [study]

Adestra has released  its latest email subject line analysis report, looking at the keywords and phrases that fare best and worst across a number of sectors. With email volumes on the rise and clutter an issue for recipients, having a strong subject line is as important as ever, particularly as consumers rate the subject line … Continue reading »