Most Important Email Marketing Capabilities to Meet Marketing Goals

Email marketing should be the “launch point” to customer obsession, according to a report from Adobe and Forrester Consulting. Yet most marketers aren’t using email for this purpose, instead they’re relying on promotions and measuring performance through engagement metrics rather than customer satisfaction and innovation. In comparing those companies assessed to be “customer obsessed” with … Continue reading »

Email Subject Lines: Read Rates by Length [report]

Email subject lines is always of interest as marketers try to get through inbox clutter. A couple of recently-released studies provide some fresh data to review. (The following results will not apply to all readers, who are encouraged to test their subject lines.) A study from Return Path, based on an analysis of “9 million … Continue reading »

The Best Email Subject Lines and Emojis to Boost Open Rates [study]

Writing effective emails and subject lines can be challenging. Most companies send marketing messages several times per week so these messages need to be subtle and creative to ensure they don’t become repetitive or annoying. This requires intimate knowledge of the company’s tone of voice and the target audience, but we can try to broadly … Continue reading »

The Best Time To Send Email

Email open rates improved again this year, thanks to consumers’ ever-growing use of mobile devices to manage their inboxes. Yet key benchmarks such as click rate and transaction rate continue to decline. As it gets harder to cut through the inbox clutter, email marketers increasingly seek new ways to upgrade the relevancy of their communications, … Continue reading »

New Email Strategy and Design Workshop: May 17-18

Email Strategy and Design, 2 Day Workshop – May 17-18 Art Center College of Design Instructor: Lori Berson Register: (Space is limited.) Capture more leads with your email marketing. As digital marketing continues to evolve, so must your email campaigns. Cutting through the clutter and delivering the engaging, relevant, and personalized communications required for … Continue reading »

Top Email Marketing Initiatives in 2014

Email marketing is slated for budget increases, according to the recently-released StrongView study. The study reveals that respondents are paying more attention to increasing subscriber engagement (a leading 44% naming this one of their top-3 priorities) and improving segmentation and targeting (36%) than to growing their opt-in email list (31%). When it comes to email … Continue reading »

How to Boost Email Open Rates

Email subject lines that convey a sense of urgency, such as those that contain the words “urgent” and/or “important,” have open rates that are much higher than normal, according to a recent report by MailChimp.The analysis also found that email recipients are much more intrigued by subject lines that contain positive solicitations rather than negative … Continue reading »

Email: Volume Increases and Weekend Mailings See Better Results

Brands continue sending more and more emails, according to the latest quarterly email benchmark report from Experian Marketing Services, which details a 12.7% year-over-year increase in brands’ email volume during Q3. That’s the third consecutive quarter of double-digit increases, with each quarter also registering an uptick in open rates. Meanwhile, further data from Experian indicates … Continue reading »

Marketing Emails Get The Most Clicks On Fridays. Tips For Marketers [Study]

Friday’s worldwide marketing email click rate is 4.9% Email inboxes worldwide receive the largest influx of email marketing material on Tuesdays, according to an October 2013 study by GetResponse. The email software company found that 17.9% of a week’s worldwide marketing emails were sent on Tuesday, followed by 17.3% on Thursday and 16.6% on Monday. … Continue reading »

Which Email Tactics Work Best For Brands [report]

Email practices – from signup to unsubscribe – have significantly changed over the past 5 years, details Return Path in a recent study. Brands are asking for less information at sign-up, are more commonly starting their relationships with a welcome email (but less frequently with an offer), and are making the unsubscribe process easier. But … Continue reading »