B2B Marketers Using Email Automation [report]

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers have email automation work to do, based on March 2015 research by Spear Marketing Group. US B2B marketing executives surveyed were most likely to report that fewer than 25% of their current email campaigns were triggered, limiting them from responding automatically to recipient actions, such as website visits or event registrations, in … Continue reading »

Health Care Companies Have the Highest Email Open Rates [study]

Health care and education companies see the highest average open rates among emailers, according to a new report from IBM’s Silverpop. The report found that on average health care companies see an average of 26.2 percent open rates for their emails and education companies see an average of 25.7 percent. The consumer services industry sees … Continue reading »

Email Marketers Spend 26 Percent of Their Time on Creative and Content [survey]

Marketing is becoming increasingly multichannel and relationship focused. Email is the glue that pulls together all of these different disciplines, tactics and partners, as well as being a direct channel to the customer. The Email Marketing Speed Imperative study, published by Econsultancy in partnership with dotMailer, looks at how the ease of use of a … Continue reading »

Which Marketers Are Using Marketing Automation [survey]

24% of marketers say they don’t use any tools to manage their email campaigns, according to a recently-released Marketo study. But that figure masks significant differences when sorting by company size, as small companies (0-50 employees) are almost twice as likely (43.5%) to eschew the use of email marketing tools. Among larger companies, by contrast, … Continue reading »