Data-Driven Marketing = More Revenue [Research]

According to research, marketers put more dollars behind their data-driven marketing efforts, and saw revenue gains, between Q1 and Q2 2016 in the US. And this upward trend is expected to continue into Q3. In July 2016, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Winterberry Group found that 40.9% of marketing professionals surveyed said their organizations’ revenues … Continue reading »

Email Continues to Deliver Strong ROI and Value [Survey]

Email audiences are growing, engaged and increasingly mobile. Despite rumors of its decline, email marketing remains a growing and highly effective channel for marketers. However, for continued success, marketers must consider how to optimize their email communications for mobile use, and ensure their message volume, frequency, and data-driven relevancy positively impact performance. A June 2016 … Continue reading »

Discover the Top Strategic Marketing Programs

Almost 9 in 10 CMOs and senior marketing executives from around the world believe that they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020, per results from an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey sponsored by Marketo. But with technological change spurring a vast array of potential interactions between brands and their customers, marketers must be … Continue reading »

How Marketers Are Dealing with Tech and Data [survey]

CEOs are anxious to use the power of digital platforms and their data to stay competitive and drive future growth. As a result, marketers that have embraced a data- and tech-driven approach are being tasked to spearhead digital initiatives that cut across the organization, helping raise the awareness and underscore the strategic importance of marketing … Continue reading »