BrandFinance has ranked the world’s most powerful brands for 2016 based on factors such as familiarity, loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation. Disney – in climbing from the #12 spot – supplanted last year’s leader, Lego, which moved down to a close second.

Most Powerful Brands 2016

Several brands on the list were not in the top 10 last year, including Johnson’s (#7), NBC (#9) and Google (#10). Red Bull, Unilever, Burberry and Rolex were among those to fall out of the top 10.

Separately, Apple retained its position as the world’s most valuable brand by a sizable margin, with a 13.7% year-over-year increase in brand value. Google moved up a spot to the second position on the back of a 22.4% increase, leapfrogging Samsung. Amazon (#4) and Wells Fargo (#10) had the biggest year-over-year increases in brand value of those in the top 10, however, up 24.1% and 26.5% respectively.

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