Blogs post most on weekdays, but sharing is highest on Saturdays and Sundays.

Brands that blog are posting the most while consumers are working—and it may be hurting their reach.

According to an April 2014 study from TrackMaven, bloggers were most likely to post their content on weekdays, with 87% of weekly blog content pushed out between Monday and Friday.

Blog readers will total 76.1 million in the US this year, or 23.9% of the population, per estimates. Do blogs show the same behavior when sharing the content on social networks? Based on TrackMaven’s research, their habits were the opposite. Though just 13.1% of blog posts were published on Saturday or Sunday, that content accounted for 32.6% of total weekly social shares. Broken down by day, blog content posted on both Saturdays and Sundays saw higher social share percentages than any weekday, indicating that marketers posting to blogs could get a bigger bang for their buck by publishing posts when readers have more time to read and share—on the weekends.

When readers do share via social, they’re likely doing so on Facebook. Facebook shares and “likes” combined grabbed the majority of blog posts shared socially. Twitter was also popular, with 38.6% of the total, while Pinterest and LinkedIn saw almost no action.

Companies don’t need to wait around for readers to share their content on social networks—they can also do it themselves. An August 2013 study conducted by Skyword for Unisphere Research found that the majority of marketing professionals in North America were already sharing blog posts on their social pages, and 44% said they would like to increase this.

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