Video Ad Campaigns
Recent studies from key players in the world of ad tech tell quite different stories of how video ads seem to be performing, based on completion rates, viewability rates, clickthroughs and more.

US Digital Video Ad Spending, 2017-2021 (billions, % change and % of total digital ad spending)

Although the body of research on video ad metrics is still limited, the data noise is amazing given how concrete some of these metrics are. Nevertheless, those who have followed the industry understand that many complicating factors are at play.

One such factor is that each company measures activity on its own platform, which is only a small sample of the broader universe. Lack of standards also has an effect. The digital video space seems to be a constant flux of formats, aspect ratios, ad lengths and determinants, such as whether ads auto-play or have to be initiated, and whether the sound should be on or off by default.

This lack of consensus, coupled with the fact that in many cases each publisher, platform and video ad measurement firm may approach video ad measurement in slightly different ways, with slightly different data sets, also make it near impossible to uncover any universal metric for success.

What is certain is that YouTube and Facebook are the pillars of digital video advertising, with most practitioners using both rather than choosing one or the other.

How are you measuring your video ROI?
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