BersonDeanStevens was first recommended to me when working for clients involved in professional volleyball and other sports marketing endeavors. I was overwhelmed with the firm’s principle Lori Berson because her ability to instantly grasp the unique issues associated with the marketing problem we had. Her professional manner and instant advice revealed the deep knowledge she has for organizations trying to grow. She knows how to design a branding program and exploit creativity. The brochure and postcards created by BDS perfectly translate an organization’s sales message. BDS is ahead of technology. This firm helps companies use social media in successful ways. They started putting organizations into top locations before others even knew there was a way to do it.

Take a look at the outstanding collateral BDS has created. It is easy to see the difference between work done by a graphic artist and work by a creative team understanding business management, marketing trends, and business to business sales. Whether it is a blog or website, email marketing, social media or good old fashion direct mail, Lori Berson and BDS will innovate ideas and develop practical applications that succeed. If you want to know what the next new thing to hit technology marketing will be, ask Lori.