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Email Strategy and Design: Dates to be Announced
Video Marketing – Must Know Tactics and Tips: Dates to be Announced

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Social Media Design and Marketing: Dates to be Announced
YouTube Marketing Strategy and Design: Dates to be Announced

Get powerful actionable tips, trends, and tactics necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Learn key elements for effective marketing strategy, best practices, and how to optimize digital communications.

Hands-on workshops are conducted at Art Center College of Design. For customized instruction call 877.447.0134.

Email Strategy and Design – 2 Day Workshop

As digital marketing continues to evolve, so must creative professionals. Cutting through the clutter and delivering the engaging, relevant, personalized content and communications required for today’s sophisticated client is critical. The art of creating well designed successful email communications for delivery on multiple devices can be challenging. Plus, it’s getting harder to capture the attention of your audience.

This two day hands-on workshop has been designed to help you leverage one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of digital marketing. Discover how to improve your email design and marketing skills, learn the best way to create and distribute emails – from developing strategies and objectives, to designing engaging content, responsive design, optimizing your workflow, to ensuring deliverability.

Topics include: pros and cons of technologies, tools, and approaches; ESPs, social media integration; optimal sizes and dimensions; responsive design; layout styles; mobile optimization; key elements; text vs. HTML; graphics; links; forms; deliverability; platforms; best methods and practices, and how to effectively market your services. This workshop is essential for designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to gain a competitive edge.

How to Design Effective Landing Pages – 2 Day Workshop

Landing pages are essential to every online marketing campaign. As a key page within the e-commerce conversion funnel, landing pages influence your visitors’ experience and can result in more profitable returns. Learn the essential elements required for successful landing page design, how to maintain visual continuity among various marketing channels and achieve business objectives. Concept development and visual composition are emphasized. You will design engaging landing pages ready for programming that connect, communicate and create desired responses. As a designer, these skills will provide you with the opportunity to broaden your service offerings and expand your business.

Discussions will include: pros and cons of various approaches; creating effective campaigns; email, Pay Per Click (PPC); social media integration; optimal sizes and dimensions; fonts; branding; layout styles and design; design implications; key elements; graphics; hyperlinks; forms; navigation, personalization; platforms; browsers; proofing; testing and best practices. This hands-on, one-day workshop is a must for designers looking to enhance their online marketing skills and become more marketable.

Social Media Design and Marketing – 2 Day Workshop

Building Your Business with LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (for your clients and yourself)

Social media marketing today is vastly different that it was even three years ago. New channels, platforms, technologies, and devices have led to the expectation that creative and marketing professionals will deliver engaging, highly relevant, and personalized experiences. Whether you are just starting out or have a well-defined social marketing plan and multiple accounts, social media knowledge is essential.

This hands-on workshop offers you valuable tips and tools for social media success. Learn how to develop a solid foundation and social marketing strategy, set-up and brand accounts, optimize, integrate, maintain, and measure your social media channels, and what to avoid. Get third party must-have tools to help you easily and efficiently manage your social media accounts. Find out about budget-friendly and enterprise level resources to help you leverage your social media accounts. This workshop is a must for creative and marketing professionals, and business owners looking to build business.

Topics include: key social media channels and tactics, tools and resources, content, visual requirements and specifications, best practices, building relationships, engagement opportunities, blogging, promoting, monitoring, sharing, measuring, and managing.

Video Marketing – Must Know Tactics – 1 Day Workshop

Video is the medium of choice for online communications. Agencies and clients today demand engaging and interactive content that is relevant, shareable, and measurable. In this one-day workshop, you’ll get strategies, tactics, and knowledge to enhance your marketing initiatives.
Whether you are involved in creating web sites, point of purchase displays, trade shows, exhibits or signage, video knowledge is imperative.

Discover how to leverage the power of video, develop a video strategy, evaluate tactics, and select distribution methods. Learn how to use online video to improve the reach and effectiveness of brand communications and promotions, educate and train, demonstrate, engage, and sell.

Topics include: content; pre-production; production; post-production; encoding; budgets; delivery; optimization; measurement; challenges; OVPs, YouTube, and social media integration. This workshop is a must for designers, and marketing professionals looking to gain a competitive advantage through sought-after video marketing skills.

How to Manage a Successful Photo Shoot – 1 Day Workshop

Photographic images are essential in branding and marketing communications. In order to create successful images within a timeline and budget, designers and commercial photographers must both grasp the financial, technical and conceptual sides of the craft and be able to collaborate on the production of photographic images. Working together is essential.

With an emphasis on visual solutions, production, workflow and image optimization techniques, this one-day intensive workshop is ideal for designers and photographers looking to expand their skills and gain insight into the collaborative process of producing a photo shoot. The problem-solving, visual and production skills, and collaborative experience gained in class will enable you to produce more con!dent, powerful and marketable work.

YouTube Marketing Strategy and Design – 1 Day Workshop

As new screens, devices, apps, and interfaces emerge, so does the range of opportunities for brands to connect with customers using video. Today’s transforming marketplace requires a new set of skills to plan, publish, and optimize video for these new channels. With over a billion videos watched everyday, YouTube has profoundly changed the way we produce, watch, and share video content. Essential for every successful marketing program, YouTube can increase your visibility, generate leads, and give you a competitive advantage.

Whether you are new to YouTube or you need to advance your video marketing skills, this two day hands-on workshop will give you a better understanding of YouTube and demonstrate how to design and optimize your YouTube channel and videos. You’ll learn how to view, upload, and share videos, start an account, build a following, and promote videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

If your competition uses video and you don’t, your competition wins. This course is a must for entrepreneurs, brand marketers, and creative professionals, ready for actionable advice to generate leads and grow business. Topics include: creating an account, best practices, video production tips, channel development, design and optimization, branding and customizing, annotations, captions, subtitles, uploading, publishing, playlists, integration, promotion/advertising, engagement, sharing, monetizing, and analytics.

Our Students Come From a Variety of Industries and Organizations, Including:

• Kaiser Permanente
• NBC Universal
• Wellpoint, Inc.
• Los Angeles Philharmonic
• Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture Center
• Paul Hastings, LLP
• American Apparel
• Murad® Inc.
• Sensa® Products, LLC
• Deckers Outdoor Corporation
• Sugar Foods Corporation
• Gavina Gourmet Coffee
• Keenan & Associates
• Astek Wallcovering
• DesignYourWall
• Harry Kotlar & Co. Jewelry
• Russ Reid Agency
• U.S. Army
• Software Management Consultants, Inc.

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