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Over half of US marketers are trying personalized and intent-based marketing.


2016 Marketing Trends that US Marketers Are Interested in Trying (% of respondents)

The survey from Pan Communications also revealed that 49% of US marketers are interested in trying persona-based marketing, and 41% of respondents said they’re interested in

Though interest in virtual reality (VR) has been gaining momentum this year, only 11% of US marketers surveyed said that it’s a trend they’re interested in trying.

It’s not surprising that personalized marketing is top-of-mind for many marketers. Personalization can drive engagement and conversions.

Reasons that US Marketers Do Not Personalize Content, Feb 2016 (% of respondents)

June 2015 research from the CMO Council found that higher response and engagement rates were the No. 1 reason to use personalized content, according to more than half of senior marketers worldwide surveyed.

Furthermore, just under half of respondents said personalized or enriched content made for more timely and relevant interactions—which, presumably, are themselves a way of boosting response and engagement rates. More than two in five also agreed that personalized content converted more customers.

Personalizing content can be challenging. February 2016 research from Demand Metric found that while technology can help marketers personalize at scale, a lack of it is also the biggest reason execs say they don’t personalize their content.

What marketing trends are you trying?
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