LinkedIn Updates
LinkedIn  updated the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature, which includes additional analytics and insights into the peeps who are looking at your profile.

LinkedIn product manager Udi Milo posted this to his blog:

As one of the most popular destinations on LinkedIn, Who’s Viewed Your Profile has always given members a way to discover new opportunities and be discovered by others – but we knew the full potential hadn’t been unlocked. Today we’re giving you the key with access to more data driven insights such as the industry your viewers work in, the keyword searches that led to your profile, how they found you and new insights including what regions they live in, what profession they are in and what company they work for.  This will help you quickly identify trends and enable you to align your professional brand with your professional goals.

A sample of what LinkedIn’s new analytics will look like:

The value in the new update comes from the tips LinkedIn gives at the bottom. They offer actionable ways to get more engagement and have a more relevant experience. It’s a way to continue to build on your LinkedIn presence. How are you using LinkedIn?

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