Mobile Devices for Business
Mobile devices that turn into research and information tools tend to follow consumers from home to work, blurring the lines between personal and business.

In fact, 37% of the 601 IGS survey respondents use their personal tablet for business — and the same goes for 41% of smartphones.

The survey, which spans responses from participants in 43 countries, suggests that the desire to consume content continues to rise. IDG estimates that by June 2014, about 57% of consumers will rely on smartphones during business hours to read tech news; 47% will research tech products and services; 45% will read tech newsletters; 40% will compare products and services; and 40% will visit vendor sites for product information.

Work activities on tablets will also rise. About 69% will rely on reading tech news; 67% will research products and services; 60% will read tech newsletters; 58% will compare products and prices; and 60% will visit vendor sites for product information.

The survey results, gathered from March 2013 to May 2013, suggest that respondents rely heavily on tablets and smartphones to read email — between 93% and 94% — and download or use mobile apps, at 67% and 71%, respectively.

Some 94% of survey respondents said they download and use work-related mobile apps on their personal smartphone, and 93% said they download and use work-related mobile apps on their personal tablet.

On average, 56% of smartphone users make purchases and 73% buy with a tablet. In each instance, the vast majority buy products or services for personal use, rather than for work. In fact, more than 75% buy with a smartphone in North America and 84% purchase with a tablet. In every region, a majority of tablet users said they have made a purchase with their device. Some studies have shown that it will take time before business professionals feel comfortable making purchases from a mobile device for work-rated products and services.-MediaPost

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