Social media analytics
Campaign tracking and brand analysis top the list of reasons that marketers use social media analytic tools, according to a Demand Metric study for NetBase. Marketing professionals cited limitations in staffing, funding and resources as the top challenge they face in implementing social analytics.

The rise in social media analytics tools has satisfied marketer demand for a way to measure and gather insights from social marketing efforts.

Now that they have them, how are marketing professionals using social media analytics tools for optimization? The top response among those polled was campaign tracking (60%). This was followed by brand analysis (48%) and competitive intelligence (40%).

Despite the excitement surrounding the implementation of social media analytics tools, there are still challenges when it comes to measuring social marketing’s effect. The No. 1 obstacle cited by respondents was staffing, funding or resources, at 55%. Linking measurements to objectives was a close second (53%).

November 2013 polling by Ascend2 found similar results. When asked what the most challenging obstacles to achieving important social media marketing objectives were, 47% of marketing professionals worldwide cited budget and/or staff limitations, the top response. Inability to measure social marketing return on investment and difficulty attributing sales to social marketing were also top hurdles

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