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Are you using podcasts to promote your business?

Nearly half of listeners checked out an advertiser’s website after hearing a promotion on a podcast, with 8% making a purchase as a result of the ad, according to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Edison Research. What’s interesting is 42% said they considered a product or service after hearing a podcast ad.

The good news is current podcast listeners tend to be devoted, and tune in to their programs regularly, which is what advertisers desire, along with action.

Actions Taken by US Podcast Listeners After Hearing an Ad/Sponsorship in a Podcast, Aug 2016 (% of respondents)

Podcast listeners polled said they visited a brand’s website (45%), considered the product (42%) or collected more information (37%) following the ad—still promising responses for a podcast sponsor.

While most internet users in the US are aware of podcasts, many have not listened to them in the past several months—or at all. However, those who have recently tuned in listen often: Approximately 85% tune in at least once a month, according to research from Wondery and comScore.

US Podcast Ad Spending, 2014-2020 (millions and % change)

Overall advertising spend on the channel is on the rise. US podcast ad spending will reach $167 million in 2016, according to Bridge Ratings. The increase in spend has been slowing since last year, however. The media analysis company anticipates spend to nearly double to $395 million by 2020.

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