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Most words and phrases that trigger the spam alarm are obvious: income, urgent, Viagra; as well as congratulations, discount, make money. Those are among the many in categories such as retail, personal, and pharmaceutical thatmarketers should avoid, according to research by MailJet.

But some spam-tripping words and phrases may be surprising. For example, FedEx, Paypal, and Visa/Mastercard can trip the spam alarm.

Interestingly, there are also unlikely spam-alarm trippers, including “direct mail,” “lead generation,” and “search engine optimization.” Even “Internet marketing” and “marketing solutions” can sound the spam alarm.

“In sending over 12 billion emails…we’ve seen good senders land in the spam folder when accidentally using words heavily used by spammers,” says Anthony Marnell, Mailjet’s VP, North America. Here is a list of words from MailJets findings to help senders improve deliverability when crafting email copy.

Email Spam Words

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