Marketing Investment Priorities 2016
Agency executives and senior marketers plan to increase spending on a variety of different formats in 2016, including digital, social and mobile.

According to research from RSW/US, 91% of agency executives in North America said they plan to significantly or somewhat increase spending in 2016 on digital for their clients. To compare, 79.6% of senior marketers plan to increase spending on digital.

Social was another top format that many will be investing in. 71.2% of agency executives plan to increase spending on social this year, compared to 61.2% of senior marketers who will do the same.

Agency executives also anticipate somewhat or significantly increasing spending on mobile this year. Some 67.6% said they will. More than half (53.7%) of senior marketers also plan to increase spending on mobile.

When it comes to traditional media, agencies don’t plan to invest as much as other formats. Only 18.9% of agency executives said they plan to increase spend on traditional media in 2016. Senior marketers are almost twice as likely to plan to increase spending on traditional.

Integrated marketing is also key for many senior marketers. According to September 2015 research from PR Council and Association of National Advertisers (ANA), almost two-thirds of US senior marketers said that truly integrated marketing, which includes PR, advertising, digital, social and mobile, was their top marketing strategy and investment priority. And 14% of senior marketers said it was their No. 2 marketing priority.

What are your marketing investment priorities for 2016?

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