Instagram get higher interaction rates than Facebook
Nearly nine in 10 brands use the photo- and video-sharing service

Size doesn’t equal engagement when it comes to social media, and according to research from L2 Think Tank, brands on Instagram may be getting the most bang for each social post.

While Instagram’s community of 150 million monthly active users was a fraction of the size of Facebook’s, and even smaller than Twitter’s, the digital marketing organization found that interaction rates for posts made by the 249 prestige brands studied were some 15 times higher than those on Facebook.

Meanwhile, brands are taking up the photo- and video-sharing service—perhaps because they’re seeing the results. Nearly nine in 10 of the brands polled had both an Instagram and a Facebook account. Considering the overall size of the Instagram community compared with that of other more established social sites, that’s significant marketer usage.

In addition, more than half of the brands studied had inserted Instagram custom tabs into their Facebook page, integrating the two services now that the latter owns the former. Heavier forms of integration were still relatively rare, but Instagram promotions on Facebook, including ones that encourage users to submit their own sepia-toned content, could trend higher in the future if engagement levels continue to play out so favorably for brands.

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