Increase sales with personalized marketing

Behavioral data and customer insights drive a more customized approach to ensure ROI.

Most marketers agree that content marketing makes up an important piece of their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, creating engaging content that delivers ROI is not easy. To succeed, content must be personalized and contextually relevant.

Approaches to Personalized Marketing at Their Company According to Senior Marketers in the US and Western Europe*, Jan 2016 (% of respondents)

July 2016 research from Forrester Consulting emphasizes the growing importance of personalization in content marketing. When a group of senior marketing executives from the US and Europe were asked about their approach to personalized marketing, 67% said they used behavior-based data to develop content based insights and emotions.

But that doesn’t mean producing content has gotten any easier. Creating more personalized, insight-driven content is more difficult now than ever. When the same executives were asked about the challenges they face with content creation, 60% mentioned it was difficult to keep up with demand for more content across more channels. Meanwhile, another 50% mentioned they found it tough to leverage behavioral and attitudinal data to create emotionally-engaging content.

Other research confirms the inherent challenges of content personalization for marketers. A February 2016 survey from Demand Metric looked at the reasons marketers do not personalize content, and found that many don’t have the technology (59%), while others don’t have the necessary resources (59%).

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