Image-based advertising, also known as in-image advertising, is paving the way for the next generation of digital display advertising. This “In-Image Advertising Primer,” offers a comprehensive overview of this burgeoning ad type, often leveraged in native advertising campaigns. In-image ads can take several forms, ranging from display ads and product information overlaid on photos to video or rich media ad units that only appear when the user engages by hovering or clicking on the ad.

The primer examines power of pictures to attract the reader’s eye and draw attention to marketing messages, while detailing how this form of native advertising enables publishers to monetize valuable real estate – images which are in-stream, which have a high probability of being viewed by consumers.

With the format in its early stages of development and marketplace acceptance, the paper illustrates in-image advertising’s effectiveness through five case studies with major brand advertisers including Activision, Cat’s Pride, Garnier, Mazda and the Northwest Dealer Group (NDG).  In-image campaigns focused on driving brand lift for awareness generate an average rise of 37 percent on that front – almost three times the industry average for awareness campaigns, according to Nielsen Online Brand Effect norms.

In-Image Advertising Inserts Relevant Ad Over Images Across the Web
Source IAB

IAD In-Image Ad Primer

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