Technology Trends
Is your business getting the most out of its technology?

Today’s small to medium businesses (SMBs) face many challenges when it comes to keeping pace with evolving business needs. As market expectations and requirements change, businesses must be more strategic about technology solutions to improve business outcomes and gain competitive advantages.

Technology solutions can help companies streamline their operations, become more agile and responsive to customers, make better decisions and move the business forward. Yet, as more companies rely on technology to run their businesses, security and data protection becomes more critical.

As technology becomes an increasingly important, all businesses must continually reassess their existing solutions. Do these technologies help the business keep pace with change and thrive? Or are they creating a drag that’s holding the company back or—worse yet—introducing a threat that could potentially destroy the business? To be well equipped to survive and thrive, SMBs must be proactive with regards to technology.

To find out how to keep your business on top, download the “Top Three SMB Technology Trends 2016” report for new insights from the SMB Group.

The key technology trends:

  1. SMBs that make the business-technology performance connection outpace their peers.
  2. Mobile solutions occupy a bigger part of IT real estate.
  3. Security remains the elephant in the room.

In this report you’ll learn about:

  • Attitudes toward technology and the correlation to IT spending and expected revenue growth.
  • Top reasons for cloud adoption.
  • Level of integration.
  • Use of analytics.
  • Views on mobile solutions in meeting business growth and operational goals.
  • Benefits from using customer-facing apps and/or mobile websites.
  • Top technology challenges.

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