Marketers seek to widen their use of data in campaigns.

Big Data has become a routine talking point for digital marketers, but are they merely paying the subject lip service, or shifting dollars as a result of their analysis? According to data management platform provider BlueKai, data-driven marketing has seen a 227% increase over the course of H1 2013. BlueKai surveyed marketing executives and media buyers worldwide in June, finding that 91% of respondents agreed that the use of data figured prominently into segmentation and targeting strategies.

Marketers also indicated that they were letting data influence the allocation of their resources. One-third of respondents said data influenced 75% to 100% of their digital marketing budget, while another third said it affected 50% to 75% of outlays.

Email was the marketing area most often influenced by collected data. But marketers also indicated it was having a sizeable influence on retargeting, display targeting and creative optimization, among other strategies.

Fully 87% of marketers said they relied on first-party data—that is, data gleaned from direct contact with customers, such as forms and website traffic—in making marketing decisions. The most frequently used type of first-party data was website data (83%), followed by customer relationship management (CRM)/registration data (79%), email data (72%), digital campaign data (67%), search data (45%) and mobile site or app data (28%).

Marketers were also using third-party data in their decisions, but to a lesser degree. Less than three-quarters of respondents said they relied on such data in marketing efforts.-eMarketer

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