Content marketing

Creating great content can be a time-consuming and difficult process. With a well-thought out strategy, it can be much easier to create and manage. Here are three simple tips to help you write, repurpose, and repackage content that engages your prospects without consuming an inordinate amount of your time.

• Start your editorial calendar. It may seem like a daunting task, but it will be the one thing that’s holding you back from creating content in a timely and efficient manner.It’s best to plan an annual calendar, but you can start out with content for the next three months across your various channels. Simply take an hour today to plan your blog posts and newsletters for the next 30 days. Make sure you have cohesive and timely topics that will capture the attention of your audiences.

• Some of the best content is what you are hearing right now.  Whether your associates are presenting at an industry event or meeting next week, or if you’ve got a webinar planned next month, get a recorded version of the event and get it transcribed. It will provide a wealth of original written content that you can then repackage into your blog, your next whitepaper, or even your next video script.

• Repackage existing offers. For example, take three to five great case studies on your website and combine them into a single eBook under a “greatest customer successes” theme. Identify your top-performing blog posts within a specific category, and let these comprise the main sections of your next whitepaper. Or take the data you just compiled for a research report and use it to inform your next infographic.Editorial planning combined with some creative repackaging will provide fresh, engaging content — simply and quickly.

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