Personalized Digital Ad Performance

Personalized digital ads deliver 3 times the performance of rich media ads, per Jivox’s analysis of more than 1 billion personalized ad impressions. Comparing the results of its personalized ads to the Google Benchmark for Rich Media Creatives (GBR), Jivox found that personalized ads excelled in generating high click-through rates.

On average, personalized ads delivered a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.33%, more than 3 times higher than the global GBR average of 0.1%. The personalized ads also outperformed the GBR average for interaction rates (1.8x higher) and average dwell time (1.3x higher).

The personalized ads analyzed were delivered to 10 major markets around the globe, versus the GBR figures which were global. So the comparisons aren’t exactly apples-to-apples.

Some interesting results within the analysis pertaining to the various personalization triggers.

Personalized Ad Triggers

The findings show that personalized ads using time as a trigger (day of week, time of day) generated the highest average CTR 0.43%. The time-based trigger had the highest CTR across all IAB formats (leaderboard, medium rectangle, wide skyscraper) excluding the half-page unit, where the weather trigger performed best.

The time-based trigger also joined the language trigger to deliver the highest average interaction rate, of 6.7%. For the average dwell time metric, the geographic triggers had the best performance.

The Jivox analysis spanned 6 verticals and time wasn’t the top trigger for either of the 3 verticals highlighted in the report:

  • Retargeting was by far the top trigger for CTR, interaction rate and average dwell time in the e-commerce vertical;
  • Geography was the top trigger for retail CTR, with demography taking the lead for interaction rate and average dwell time; and
  • Language and retargeting were the leaders for travel ad CTR and interaction rates, with geography topping the list for average dwell time.

About the Data: Jivox’s Benchmark Report was based on over a billion impressions. Data were derived from 24 different campaigns addressing 6 vertical markets, with impressions being delivered to more than 10 major markets across the globe. Data was compared for the purpose of analysis and conclusion against the Google Rich Media benchmark from June 2015 to May 2016. Summary data includes all impressions.

Data were collected for six vertical industries, including the three profiled in this Benchmark: eCommerce, Travel, and Retail. Personalization triggers were identified for each campaign and include demography, geography, retargeting, time, language and weather.

Data were analyzed for performance against more than 30 metrics, the most significant of which are presented in this Benchmark, including Click Through Rate (CTR), Interaction Rate (IR) and Average Dwell Time (ADT).

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