B2B Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing is one of the most difficult digital channels to measure for ROI, per recent research from Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud. In a new survey of more than 200 B2B content marketers, Seismic and MarketingProfs found that 64% of respondents feel that measuring their team’s influence on revenue is very or somewhat important. The study outlines the different metrics respondents would like to see to tie revenue to content.

B2B Content Marketing

In the hypothetical scenario in which content helps in the lifecycle of closed-won deals, the metric that most respondents said would help tie their efforts to that revenue is the stage in the sales cycle at which a specific piece of content was used.

In the same scenario, the most important metrics to show the effectiveness of the content on the closed-won deal are:

  • Which pieces of content were most often reported as the source of the opportunity (51%); and
  • How soon after a piece of content was consumed did the opportunity stage advance (47%).

Details on which types of B2B content are considered most effective at various stages of the purchase cycle can be found in the MarketingChart Report “2015 B2B Digital Marketing Insights.”

How do you measure your content marketing initiatives?

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