Tablets Used For Sales
23% of B2B companies have deployed tablets in sales-related activities
, according to newly-released results from Corporate Visions. The survey uncovers conflicting findings: few companies who haven’t yet deployed tablets have plans to do so, even though three-quarters of the respondents overall indicated that the ability to deploy content and coaching to salespeople’s tablets could improve sales activities.

B2B Companies Use Tablets For Sales

The CMO Council report found that B2B enterprises are falling far short in front-line sales enablement.

Respondents whose companies are using tablets report that the devices are most often used exclusively for the following tasks:

  • Walk through a sales presentation live in front of customers (60%);
  • Demo a solution live in front of customers (56%);
  • Perform various CRM activities (45%);
  • Customize or edit a sales presentation before customer meetings (39%); and
  • Whiteboard messages (39%).

Among the 77% of respondents not deploying tablets, only 17% plan to implement them within the next year.

While the report suggests somewhat slow penetration of tablets for B2B sales activities, enterprise adoption of tablets is expected to grow rapidly. In fact, last year, Forrester Research forecast that almost 1 in 5 global tablet purchases in 2017 will be made directly by enterprises.

About the Data: The Corporate Visions data is based on a survey of more than 700 B2B marketers and salespeople from around the globe.

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