Mobile Email has released a new email usage report, tracking how users engage with email. The data, from a survey of 1,000 American internet users, found that 72 percent of users check their email on mobile devices, including both phones and tablets. Of those respondents, 48 percent use Android as their main mobile platform, followed by iOS at 38 percent and Windows at 9 percent.

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49 percent of users ages 19 and younger use iOS devices, while 44 percent use Android. The number of iOS users decreases to 34 percent for users 55 and older, as over 50 percent use Android devices.

Of respondents who check their email using their phones, the most used app was Google’s Gmail, at 48 percent, followed by Yahoo! Mail at 31 percent and their device’s native Mail app at 28 percent. Some users, at 9 percent, prefer to check their email without any apps.


The timing of receiving emails was also highlighted, as 67 percent of users allow push notifications to notify them when new, personal emails arrive. That number drops to 56 percent for business email users.’s full report, which also examines general email usage outside of mobile devices, is available on the company’s blog.

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