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What does it mean when somebody ‘Favorites’ one of your tweets? When and why do you press the button? 

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to ‘favorite’ tweets. Here are 16 different reasons from eConsultancy.

By accident

To like something

To dislike something

To bookmark something

As a note to self

To read / watch / access later

To trigger something

The very excellent IFTTT has plenty of recipes to help you to push your favorite tweets out to various sites and apps. Use Pocket? Evernote? Buffer? Google Drive? Ever considered sending your favorites there?

As a ‘read receipt’

To flirt

To show support

To spread the word

For those who tune into other people’s ‘favorites’, they are like retweets on steroids. Most people take more care over their favorites, compared to normal tweets.

To attract more followers

Favorite somebody’s tweet and you will appear on their radar. Sometimes they’ll follow you.

For motivation

To build a personal brand

If you want to be viewed as an expert in a particular subject then you can use the favorite button to curate a list of links to interesting tools, articles, news, videos, stats, etc.

To provide a glimpse into their personality

Take a look at someone’s tweets and you’ll get an idea of what they’re all about. Look at their favorites and you should really see into their soul. Favorites are often a condensed, noise-free list of the things most important to someone.

To collect and save testimonials

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